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Experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist and Inspirational spiritual mentor, with over 30 years of combined experience working for the Mental Health Services and Private Therapy.

Reclaim your personal power. Free yourself to live the authentic fulfilled life, you are meant to live.

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If one or more of the following statements, resonate with you. A Hypnotherapy session with me will help you improve your outlook on life and restore your wellbeing and health:

  • I feel out of control

  • I can't stop thinking, or just can't seem to switch off

  • I have tried many therapies, but still, don't know why I feel or act in the way I do

  • I have no direction or purpose in life; I feel lost

  • I am unable to let go of old traumas and feel as though I keep reliving them

  • I feel there is a part of me missing

  • I feel afraid

  • I do not like myself

  • I am so unhappy

  • I am confused by life

  • I feel conflicted

  • I am fed up with being miserable.

  • I find being with other people painful.

There is always a solution and learning to recover from our difficulties 

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"Anyone can be a therapist these days,
it takes an amazing soul to be a real therapist!
And that's Alexia - a godsend
" – J. Ark

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