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Is Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy the same as being asleep?

No, it's not the same, it's an altered state of mind similar to day-dreaming, or becoming so absorbed in an activity that you lose all track of time. During hypnotherapy you are not asleep, you are relaxed and feel very comfortable,   although feeling in control. Hypnotherapy has been approved for use by the British Medical Association for more than 40 years. It's a form of therapy, which enables you to enlist the help of your conscious and unconscious/ subconscious mind. The emphasis is goal orientated and allows you to focus your attention internally, re-accessing resources and creating new associations, patterns of thinking and behaving.

Why visit a hypnotherapist?

Quite simply, visit a hypnotherapist if there is anything in your life you wish to change. Whether you would like to start doing something you wish to do or stop doing something that's become a problem.

I'm a little nervous about hypnosis

Don't be! give me a call or drop me an email, I  put your mind at rest.


Do I have to be referred by my G.P.?

No, although doctors do refer clients for hypnotherapy, it is certainly not a requirement for most conditions


I've tried countless diets, but still can't lose weight or keep it off. Can hypnotherapy help me?

Hypnotherapy for weight loss is geared towards finding the reason why a person is repeatedly feeling the need to over eat - whether it be 'comfort' eating, or eating due to stress. Hypnotherapy is incredibly powerful in changing your attitudes towards your health and food.


How will I feel afterwards?

After a session of hypnotherapy, many people feel invigorated, lighter, more confident and enthusiastic about their new outlook on things. It's very common too, for people to feel a great deal of relief in getting over the issue which had been causing such anxiety often for many years. Yes, you can drive home.


How does a trance state feel?

It’s a lovely experience, believe it or not, there will have been many times in your life when you have already felt it, but maybe don't even know about it. If you've ever said to someone "I'm sorry, I missed that, I was 'miles away'", then hypnosis feels just like the bit where you were 'miles away'! Being in a trance state is being relaxed, it’s not unlike meditation. It is very common for the people to come out of trance and say how wonderful they feel and how amazed at how good they felt during the experience.


Will I lose control during hypnosis?

NO! Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness, we are all in and out of altered states of awareness each and every day. Have you ever had the experience when you have been driving somewhere familiar, and you get to your destination? Only to realise you have no idea how you got there, this is a trance state, but you were in control. you were driving your car safely. We are in and out of natural trance states on a daily basis, another example becoming absorbed in a book. Are you ever concerned that your eyes will become transfixed, and will crave to read the book over and over again? No! At those times your attention is absorbed within the book, sometimes to the exclusion of everything else, which means that certain sensations can go over looked or even ignored. During hypnosis your attention is focused on your internal world, so you are even more aware of physical and psychological changes, hence, even more in control of yourself.

Will I give away my secrets?

As previously mentioned, you are in complete control of yourself; you will not say or do anything that will be against your will. There is no need to divulge any more information than is necessary to alleviate your current problem.


I'm a little nervous about hypnosis

Don't be! Come for an initial consultation (not necessary for stop smoking sessions), and we will answer all your questions to put your mind at rest.


How will I feel afterwards?

After a course of therapy, many people feel invigorated, more confidant and enthusiastic about their new outlook on things. It's very common too, for people to feel a great deal of relief in getting over the issue which had been causing such anxiety, often for many years.


What types of problems can Empowerment Hypnotherapy in Leicester help with?

Too many to list, but including...

Lack of Confidence

Social Fears

Stopping Smoking

Fear of being sick / Emetophobia


IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)


Panic Attacks / Anxiety Attacks

Stuttering / Stammering

Sex Drive Issues


Eating Disorders

Feeling Down

Shy Bladder


Fear of driving

Anxiety and Stress





Chronic Fatigue

Low Self-esteem

Driving Test Nerves

Vaginismus (Primary Vaginismus and Secondary Vaginismus)

Premature Ejaculation

Sexual Problems


Fear of Heights

Emotional Problems

Interview Nerves

Public Speaking


Fear of the Dentist

Long Term Grief

Poor Self Image

Nail Biting

Driving Phobia

Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)

Migraines (linked to emotion/stress)

Fear of Commitment

Depression (Depressive Illnesses)

 What about confidentiality?

Your confidentiality is assured at all times. No details will ever be discussed with anyone else, without your permission. Absolute confidentiality is one of the very strict requirements of our professional association.

 How do I book an appointment?

The procedure is very simple. Call or text,  Alexia on Tel:07966412209 and we can arrange a mutually convenient appointment time.

 Can anybody be hypnotised?

Yes, However, nobody can be hypnotised against his or her will, so if you choose not to be hypnotised, you will not be. However, it is said that if you allow the process to occur, most people are hypnotisable. It is important to have a comfortable and trusting relationship with your hypnotherapist.

 Does Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy involve drugs?

No, the Hypnotherapist usually use their voice to create pleasant experiences and feelings, which may mean that you will visualise the things, that are being spoken of and that you may experience the associated pleasant feelings.

 Are there any side effects from Hypnotherapy?

The worst possible side effect is that you will fall asleep! If the Hypnotherapist were to stop talking for a while, you could either allow yourself to become more relaxed and so fall asleep, or you could open your eyes. You are in total control of your trance experience. On the other hand, the best possible side effect that you will notice is a complete alleviation of your presenting problem and the knowledge that you are able to create your own success.

 What is NLP?

N.L.P. - Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a therapeutic process which enables you to break old patterns and generate unlimited potential using posture, breathing, specific exercises, awareness and communication skills.

NLP is a bit like an 'owners manual' for your brain!

The name Neuro-Linguistic Programming was an attempt to describe in a succinct manner the scope of this extensive body of insights and skills: Neuro refers to how the mind and body interact. Linguistic refers to the insights into a person’s thinking that can be obtained by careful attention to their use of language.  Programming refers, not to the activity of programming, but to the study of the thinking and behavioural patterns or ‘programmes’ which people use in their daily lives.

What is timeline therapy?

Timeline therapy was developed by Dr. Tad James; Time Line Therapy ™ techniques enable you to eliminate a wide variety of issues in your past, which allow you to move forward toward your goals and desires. Time Line Therapy ™ is a collection of techniques that will allow you to gain emotional control over your life.


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The wide range of approaches and Techniques are excellent for treating many Psychological and physical illnesses, such as fears, phobias, non-stop worry, anxiety, lack of confidence, self-esteem issues, IBS, weight loss, Bulimia, Anorexia, binging, pain control, headaches, depression, lack of purpose, insomnia, nightmares, OCD, stage fright. Visit Alexia for a Free 15 minutes telephone Hypnotherapy Consultation in Leicester Leicestershire.


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